District Executive Committee.

The District Executive Committee usually meet on the second Thursday of alternate months at various venues across the District. If you have any issues you want to have raised please contact the District Secretary (see below), or use the email link at the bottom of the page.


President :


                                         Vice Presidents :         Mrs S Warham,           Mrs B Hindle,            Mrs  E Jones,           Mr M. Rhodes.


District Commissioner :   Paul Brown 
  Chairman :  
Jay Oliver

  Secretary :  Lindsay Farini

  Appointments Sec. :  Jayne Elliott    

D.E.S.C. : 

D.E.S.A. :

Paul Mulaney

Ruth Gosney


District Quartermaster


Nominated Members :     Julie Hooper  
Wendy Vernon    


Elected Members :       



              18-25 Member

Linda Hamlett 


Ray Bryan
 Beth Mountain  




  Network Member :  Vacant


To contact any of your Exec Committee,  email us or click on the link above (where the name is in blue and underlined)

Be sure to tell us who you want to contact and your preferred contact details.

It will be forwarded  to them and they will get back to you!