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Skills like IT, treasurer,  chairperson, secretary, helping with food preparation (on camp etc.)

Activity leadership (walking, climbing, water activities) international events. To name but a few.

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Scout Active Support is a great way for adults of all ages to volunteer on a flexible basis. It gives the best of both worlds - it fits around people's commitments, helps them use their individual talents and volunteer with friends. Not everyone can contribute to a weekly commitment, but this way people can still make a valuable contribution to Scouting. Scout Active Support provides a support framework for local Scouting, in a Movement that continues to develop and grow, providing activities and opportunities for many young people.

So if you are looking for a flexible way to join Scouting that fits around you and your busy lifestyle, why not try Scout Active Support? No prior experience in Scouting or Guiding is required, just a willingness to volunteer some time to support local Scouting. A Scout Active Support Unit is a group of likeminded adults who offer support to Scouting in some way.

There is at least one District Scout Active Support Unit in the area of Cheshire where you live, providing a range of support.

This could include;

  • Becoming a member of a 'Service Team' to support the District events,
  • offering one or more practical skills from a wide range of Scouting Activities, either indoors or outdoors,
  • help with putting on annual activity days,
  • supporting the District Campsite,
  • assist in some way with a 'Gang Show',
  • help with the leadership cover at youth meetings,
  • provide financial advice or administrative support,
  • help with fund raising.

Active Support Units are open to a wide range of adults - Parents and Supporters of local Scouting, former 'Scouts', including Explorer Scouts, Scout Network members, and former Guides, as well as adults who have previously been Leaders. It is also open to existing Adult Leaders; many District Active Support Units have Leaders in their membership.

If you are interested in finding out more about Scout Active Support or wish to become involved, then please complete the details opposite.

Thanks for your interest.