Dragon boating originated in China around 2,500 years ago, and is still practiced today in traditional water ceremonies. The boats are long and usually brightly painted and decorated, with huge sculpted dragons' heads mounted on the front. The crew is made up of a large number of paddlers (sculls), a steersperson and a drummer who beats out the paddlers' rhythm (and usually shouts encouragement as well).

In the original races it was considered good luck for boats to capsize and for a crewmember to drown, as a sacrifice to the gods. Nowadays racers practice the sport as a supreme exercise in teamwork and physical prowess. Dragon boat races are always loud and colourful events that bring together whole groups and families.


Website: http://www.cheshirescouts.org.uk/events/race-the-dragon.aspx


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Dates for 2013 so far are:-

 Race the Dragon Sun, 14 April

 Cheshire Championships Sun, 19 May

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Dragon Boating Activity Badge

To gain this badge, Scouts must complete the requirements below:

1. Understand the safety rules, capsize drill and the water buddy system.

2. Know the procedures for loading, numbering off, stopping, bracing the boat, forward and backward paddling.

3. Understand the instructions and commands as advised by The Dragon Boat Racing Association.

4. Carry out practice training sessions for a minimum of 2 hours. Practise a race over a distance of at least 250 metres.

5. Take part in competitive or timed dragon boat event over a course of at least 250 metres.