Warrington East Scouts District News - Autumn 2017



Welcome Back
As many of you will be starting back in your Sections following the summer break, pulling together your plans for Sections to take you through to Christmas and beyond. Here is the latest edition of the District News
Here are the Highlights
  • Chief Scout Award - URGENT ACTION REQUIRED
  • World Scout Jamboree 2019 Applications
  • Chamboree 2018
  • District Calendar
  • Top Tip

The deadline for submitting details of your Sections Chief Scout Awards passed on the 1st September. To be honest there has been a real lack of submissions from the Sections/Units especially in the older age ranges. At present there has only been 5 Beaver Scout Sections who have sent Bronze Awards. 4 Cub Scout Sections that have sent Silver Awards and only 2 Scout Sections that have submitted Gold Awards.

As we have the District Bronze and Silver Award presentation in mid-October there is only a short window to allow the Sectional ADCs to arrange Invites and finalise arrangements for the event, hence the deadline.

There is a process from County where recipients of Gold/Diamond/Platinum and Young Leader Belts submit their details directly to County with a slightly later deadline. This is really for Districts who don’t have a Central register for them to manage applications. Just to be clear that All Gold/Platinum and Diamond Awards should be submitted on the District Register so that they can be collated, checked and sent as a full batch to County via the ADC/DESC on the Deadline for the Presentation Event.

If you have got any Chief Scout Awards gained between October 2016 and now please submit the Details asap via the Online form on the District Website here

If you by any chance you are struggling with the technology then please contact you ADC/DESC for your Section and they will arrange with you how you can submit the information. 

World Scout Jamboree 2019 Applications
Its now only 4 days till the deadline for applications for the World Scout Jamboree in America in 2019. At the time of writing there has only been 1 application submitted and queries about only a few other applications.

The Application form is attached again if required with details of how they should be submitted.

Just to be clear so that the Selection day can be organised with Cheshire County then late submissions cannot be accepted after Midnight on Sunday 10th September.

Chamboree 2018Booking is due to open imminently for the County International Camp next year. Check out the Website, http://www.chamboree.org.uk/
As with all these events you cant do them without a good Promo Video which you can you can see here on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMWwEv7oM7k  
Now is really the time to Start thinking about how your Group can attend the event. Cub Sections can camp over the first weekend, Scouts and Explorers Camp for the Full week. Beaver Scouts who will be visiting in the week also have the option to camp at the event for one night also. If any of the Smaller sections want to link up with other Groups, please let your Sectional ADC know and they can make the arrangements for you to link up.

District Calendar
The District Calendar has been populated for the next year. It has included many of the events at District and County Level. With the Online Calendar it is live and events will be added as information becomes available and finalised.

The Calendar can be seen here

Top Tip
From 15th October, shops are entitled to refuse the old round version of the pound coin. Before that date, you might want to check any Cash Tins, Tuck Shop Floats and any other surpluses of Cash that you have lying around for any old coins. Therefore you can get them changed for the new version before the deadline. As it is understood the old one will still be accepted at banks but you might want to save yourself the bother by offloading them early.

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