District Fund Application Criteria



The beginning of 2016 saw the formation of the Warrington East District Fund. Individual Groups or Units can apply to the District for a one-off grant of up to £250 from the District Funds. This is to go towards something that they wouldn’t normally fund through normal means or will provide a specific benefit to the group.


The following are examples of purposes the fund can be applied for:

  •   Installation of internet services within meeting locations (not PCs, printers or line costs).
  •   Contribution towards leaders’ costs of pre-visits for overseas trips.
  •   Specific HQ improvements to benefit Young People (not including routine maintenance, painting etc).
  •   Explorer Belt Expeditions.
  •   International community development projects.
  •   Hosting a Group from abroad in the UK.
  •   Any other one-off cost that would improve Scouting in your area.
  •   Specific skill or permit training events.
  •   Funding of a section or groups first International trip or residential experience
Specific Benevolent Funds as follows:
  •  Support for members in financial hardship to attend camps/events in the UK or abroad.
  •  Support for members in financial hardship to purchase uniform.
  •  Support for the development of special needs Scouting Groups and Sections.
  •  Support for individual members with special needs to participate in Scouting.


The District Fund is NOT available for the following:

  •   Membership fees or subscriptions.
  •   Hire or purchase of minibuses or and general purpose trailers.
  •   Rent of premises for meeting or storage.
  •   General subsidies for activities or camps for whole groups of the majority of participants.
  •   Grants for non-Scout members or for non-Scout activities.
  •   Wood Badge leader training.
  •   Day-to-day running costs - e.g. gas, electricity, rent.
  •   General scouting equipment - e.g. camping and other activity equipment, craft materials, scout badges and scout publications.
  •   Computers for the administration of records or other general administrative duties
  •   Staff costs or payment for activity instructors.
  •   The repayment of loans, deficits on events or any kind of retrospective funding of this nature for Purchases already made.



If you wish to apply please submit the Application form WE_DF_001 District Fund Application (Click on the link below) outlining your proposals (preferably by email) to the District Commissioner for submission to District Finance Committee for approval.

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