Some basic information to help you understand Beaver Scouts

From a National perspective, Scouting is divided into counties, which are then sub divided into districts. Within the districts there are  usually a number Scout Groups. Each Group has a Group Scout Leader, Executive Committee, Leaders and assistant leaders, dependant upon which sections are hosted by the Group.


What is a Scout Group?

A Scout Group serves a geographic area of the District (e.g. Orford, Padgate etc,)

What is a Colony?

A  Colony is the term used to describe the Beaver Scout section of a Group, a Group may have more than one Colony.

What is a Lodge?

The Colony is sub-divided into Lodges,there are normally 6 Beaver Scouts in a Lodge

What Does the Necker signify?

Each Group has a unique necker (also known as a scarf) and so the necker helps to identify which Group a Beaver Scout belongs to.

How old do you have to be to be a Beaver Scout?

A Beaver Scout is usually aged between 6 to 8 years old

As an adult Leader, how can I help with training young leaders?

See our Young Leader Training section




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